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Syria is the source of (33) civilizations, it has (2378) historical sites. Syria is situated among three continents ,ASIA, AFRICA & EUROPE. Many kingdoms were established on its land and Many civilizations flourished in its cities.

Syria was inhabited by the pre - historic man, he left his traces in many sites near the Syrian Rivers, some of them date back to 1 million of years.
Syria suffered from many invasions and occupations like all the Middle east countries.
Some of the Syrian Civilizations were:
Akkad, Amorit, Phoenician, Assyrian, Babylonian, Aramaic, Keldan, Islamic Arab.
The most famous Syrian Kingdoms were:
Mary, Palmyra, Ebla, Amrit, Ugarit, Arwad, Aleppo - Damascus..
The old Arabic language was the mother from which all the civilizations different tongues were derived.
The religions were free on this land, Dura Europos was a documentary proof for that there were 14 Temples for 14 different cults, plus a church and Synagogue.
Many Churches, Convents and monasteries, were built in Syria at the beginning of Christianity, like: St, Takla convent and Serjios Monastery in Maaloula, Qalb lozeh church, and St, Simeon cathedral near Aleppo, the street called straight, st, Ananias chapel, st, paul window in Damascus, and Many ancient Cathedrals in Resafa, Sergiopolis, Bosra and Quanawat.
Many Mosques and Qoraan Schools (Madrassa) eastablishes and built from the first days of Islam and among the development of eras.


SYRIA IN THE SCHOLARS EYES: Many scholars praised Syria. Philip Hitti said: the scholars consider Syria as the  teacher  for the  human  characteristices.  Andrea Parrout  said :  each civilized person in the world should admit that he has two home country, the one he was born in and Syria. The German Openhime said: Syria is the archeologists paradise. Language ,writing ALPABET & dictionaries ...
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