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It is located south of the Euphrates and north of the Syrian semi-desert, 160 km south-east of Aleppo and 30 km south of the Aleppo-Raqqa road.

Rasafeh  palace  was  the  residence  of  Hisham ibn Abdul  malik , the  third Omayyad Caliph, whose age was a golden one,  due to his great interest in the arts and in architecture. He had several palaces built in various parts of Syria.  He was in favour of  simplicity  and  modesty ,  this is  why  he chose Rasafeh as his residence. There, he died and was buried.

The palace was originally a church, built to commemorate a Roman officer (St. Sergius),  who died in defence of Christianity in the 4th century.  In 616 , the church was  invaded by the Persians,  robbed and destroyed.  When Hisham ibn Abdul Malik  became  a caliph  in the  8th century ,  he built  two beautiful palaces on its site.


Later, the Abbassids invaded and destroyed what the Caliph Hisham had built. Very little  of the ruins of the  Mar Sarkis church  remain.  Parts  of  the church  have been used as a mosque; inscriptions in both Arabic and Greek, engraved on the walls ,  indicate  that  Christians and  Muslims  co-existed  peacefully in Syria from the 13th century onwards.

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