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October 2021

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SS.01 Classical Damascus

Omayad Mosque Museum Damascus Azem
Visit the Omayad Mosque,  St.John the Baptist,  Salahuddine's Mausoleum, Azem flkloric Museum Palace, St.annanias Chapel, Straight Straight Street, St.Paul's Window.
Tour length 4 hours.
Departure 9:00 am.

SS.02 Full day Damascus

Omayad Mosque Museum Old Souq Flokloric
Visit  the  Omayad  Mosque ,  St. john  the  Baptist ,  Salaheddin Mausoleum,  Azem Flokloric Museum Palace,  St. Annanias Chapel, Straight Street, St.Paul's Window, The Tukieh Suleimanieh, Sultan Salim Mosque, Domed Mosque.  the National Museum, Plus  a tour of old and new quarters of Damascus with a lookout from Kassion Mountain, a Panoramic view of the city.
Tour length 9 hours.
Departure 8:00 am.

SS.03 Bosra/Shahba/Qanawat

Bosra Shahba Qanawat Sweida
Drive through the countryside to BOSRA visiting the very well preserved Roman Theater, the Roman Street With both Nabothian, Roman  gates and other  Byzantine , Christian , Roman and Islamic monuments.  Then to Sweida, Qanawat to visit the temple of Zeus and the Aqueducts.  Continue to SHAHBA where you will see some of the most beatiful floor mosaic in the world.
Tour length 9 hours.
Departure 07:30 am.

SS.04 Sydnaya/Maaloula/Crack Des Chevaliers

Crack Des Chevaliers Maaloula Sydnaya Crack Des Chevaliers
Leave Damascus via a mountain road to SEIDNAYA, the convent of the Holly Virgin and its  unique ancient  icons , then continue to Maaloula the village whose inhabitants still speak Aramaic (the language of Christ). Visit St. Taqla's Monasteries, sampling the local wine , and then continue via Homs to visit the magnificent,  glorious and awesome crusaders castel: the Krak des Chevaliers .
Tour length 10 hours.
Departure 07:00 am.

SS.05 Palymyra

Palymyra Palymyra Palymyra Palymyra
Leave Damascus via direct desert road to Palmyra , the Bride of Desert: Queen  Zenobia's  Empire.   Visit  Temple  of   Ball ,  the Colonnade, the Agora, Arch of Triumph, the museum, tower and underground tombs.
Tour length 11 hours.
Departure 07:30 am.

SS.06 Crack Des Chevaliers/ Hama/ Apamea

Crack Des Chevaliers Hama Aphamea Aphamea
Leave Damascus in the morning to the well known crusader citadel: Krak Des Chevaleirs  visit,  then  continue  to the city  of the water wheels Hama have a look on the water wheels (Norias) and continue to Aphamea visit the sight and back to the point of departure in Damascus .
Tour length 11 hours.
Departure 07:30 am.
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