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A two thousands years  old city and crossroad in the middle of  the Syrian desert ,  Palmyra has been  famous ever since  a female monarch , Queen Zenobia, challenged the Roman emperor Aurlian and dominated lands East

of the Mediterranean and Egypt for six years.

The ruins of  Palmyra give  an idea of the important  role this city played at

its height; collecting taxes and defending the Eastern border of the Roman Empire from the Persians.

The colonnades, the temples devoted to Bel and Baalshamin, the funeral towers and the Necropolis valley are all definitely worth a visit.

Palmyra stands aside on oasis of palm trees. It offers a dramatic spectacle you will never see elsewhere.

A dead piece of earth waiting to be submerged by the sands.  And a medieval fortress  on top of  a hill ,  gloomy  under  an infinite  blue sky.  And  at last , a skeleton of a city whitened by a ruthless sun, reminder of a great kingdom, that once dominated the Orient, and is now dead.

The sunset of Palmyra is almost unreal. The shadows of the ruins seemto revive the old city every evening.


Qasr AL HEIR AL GHARBI : ( WEST ) 45 km south-west  of Tadmor (Palmyra),  built by the Caliph Hisham ibn Abdul Malik in the 8th century, this palace is square and surrounded by a huge wall, at each corner of which there is a round tower. At each side of the main gate there  are  two half-rounded  towers.  It has  ...
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