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Aleppo :

Probably the oldest  inhabited  city in the world and  still  a buzzing hive of activity.  Famous for its  citadel that  towers  over it.  Traditionally  a city of trade,  especially  before  the Suez canal,  it used to  link  Europe and Adia.    A truly charming oriental city.

Aleppo is  the  city of   Architecture.  One  can  find  various  styles in it; architectures of the XIIIth and XIVth centuries,  like  the caravanserais, Qoraan schools and Hammam ( Turkish baths), in the old city.

Architecture of the  XVIth and XVIIth centuries,  in the residencies of the delicate bourgeoisie of the “Jdayde” quarter,  with its  magnificent stone engravings. Baroque Architecture of XIXth and the beginning of the XXth centuries, in the “Azizyeh” quarter (e.g. la Villa Rosa).

The new chic “Chahba” quarter is a mixture of several styles, i.e. Neo -Classic, Norman , Oriental , etc.  You can even find  some Chinese pagodas.  Aleppo is built entirely from stone .


Qalb Lozeh Church : Situated 65 km west of Aleppo,  is the  beautiful church at  Qalb Lozeh.  This basilica dating back to the 5th century is located in  the small village of  Qalb Lozeh (one of the dead cities) meaning  'Heart of the Almond', and  is one of the most beautiful basilicas in Syria and is a masterpiece of Syrian Byzantine art. It ...
St.Simeon : This citadel is 60 km north-west of Aleppo. It was named after the hermit Saint Simon (Sam'an),  a shepherd from northern Syria,  who became a monk after a revelation  in  a dream.  Following  Saint Simon's  death  in 459 ,  the  Emperor Zenon ordered that  a cathedral be built where the saint used to pray. The layout was original, centering on ...
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