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Qalb Lozeh Church

Qalb Lozeh Church :

Situated 65 km west of Aleppo,  is the  beautiful church at  Qalb Lozeh.  This basilica dating back to the 5th century is located in  the small village of  Qalb Lozeh (one of the dead cities) meaning  'Heart of the Almond', and  is one of the most beautiful basilicas in Syria and is a masterpiece of Syrian Byzantine art.

It is not sure to  whom this church  was dedicated  although  it was probably used afterwards as a stopping station for pilgrims to St. Simeon's church like the nearby church of Mshabak.

This magnificent church contains three basilica aisles with a narthex stands in a wild setting.  The entrance to this basilica has  a tower on  each  side  three stories high, which used to frame a semicircular arch.  The inside of the church is divided into three naves.  Each two naves are separated between a row of three arches.  The circular  rear part  of the church has two orders of columns. The upper floor of the central nave has windows on both sides; small columns separate these windows.

The beautiful architecture used in this church shows  an ability to use classical Greek decoration.

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