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January 2022

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Syria 11 Days 10 Nights

Day 1 Arrival to Damascus international airport meet & assist then transfer to the Hotel in Damascus , welcome drink at the hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 2 Breakfast, then visit to the national museum, Omayyad mosque which Houses the tomb of John the Baptist, Salaheddin tomb, the straight street, Ananya chapel, St. Paul window, Azem Palace, Hamidieh market which is Of the big bazaars in the world, at the end a panoramic view of Damascus From Kassioun mountain, then return to hotel in Damascus dinner and Overnight.
Day 3 Transfer to the village Ma'aloula in which its inhabitants still speak Aramaic "Language of Christ" visit to St. Takla's monastery and St. Serkis monastery then proceed for Homs to visit Um Al-Zenar church and continue to the well preserved Crusader castle Krack Des Chevaliers to visit its knights porch, the church, kitchen, dinning rooms and terraces, then continue to Lattakia dinner and overnight.
Day 4 Breakfast then transfer to visit Ugarit where the first alphabet in the world Had been excavated there then continue to Apamea to see city that dates Back to the early Greek inhabited by 500 thousand peoples and has Romanian and Hellenistic relics and visit the Caravan Serai which is now a Museum that represents the ruins of Apamea and contains the famous Mosaic plates, after the visit proceed for Hama dinner and overnight.
Day 5 breakfast then transfer to visit the dead cities "Serjila" in order to see the oldest Convents and churches then continue to visit the citadel of St. Simeon where Several Byzantine building surround the post where St. Semion lived on. and onto Aleppo dinner and overnight.
Day 6 Breakfast, then full day city tour of Aleppo to see the national museum, the Citadel, the grand mosque, the old churches and the covered bazaar of 10 kms Long, pm return to hotel dinner and overnight.
Day 7 Breakfast, then transfer to Rasafa "Sergiopolis" where the St. Serkis lived and Died there, visit to the ruins of the two churches Martyrs church and Serkis Church, after the visit continue to Palmyra dinner and overnight.
Day 8 Breakfast then full day city tour of Palmyra including: museum, Bel temple, Arch of triumph, colonnade street, Agora, Baths, Theater and valley of the Tombs, pm return to hotel dinner and overnight.
Day 9 Breakfast then return to Damascus , on the way visits to Der Mar Musa and Sydnaya where the monastery of the virgin Mary was built there and that Contains one of the four of the most important icons that had been painted by St. Luca "as they believe" dinner and overnight in Damascus .
Day 10 Breakfast and transfer to Bosra to visit the Roman theater, the citadel, the Roman road, the baths, Mubrack & Omar mosques, and Buhira church Then continue to Qanawat to see Zeus Helious temples and the ruins of the Theater, then proceed for Shahbaa to see the Romania mosaic plates. In Sowieda visit to its museum, which contains a wonderful mosaic plates, then Visit to Ezraa, which is a small village the majority of its inhabitants are Christians, it contains two churches from the fourth & fifth centuries. Pm Return to the hotel in Damascus dinner and overnight.
Day 11 Breakfast, then transfer to Damascus airport for departure.
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