KOKAB CHURCH & The story of Apostle Paul

During the very first years of Christianity,  the Jewish community  of Damascus was important and all attempts to promote the new religion were  persecuted. For this precise  reason,  Saul  came to  Damascus from Tarsus.  On his way to Damascus,  Saoul saw this incredible light,  that blinded him and he  fell off his horse. At the same time he heard a voice saying “Saoul why do you persecute me?”  His companions  carried  blind  Saul to the house of Judas  in Damascus. Ananias, a Christian disciple, had a vision where God appeared and asked him to go “to the straight street and look out for Saul of Tarsus who was staying in the house of Judas”.

Ananias went to Juda’s house,  placed his hands on  Saul’s face,  baptized him and  immediately  Saoul  saw  the light  again.  He was  no longer blind.  Saoul became Paul and dedicated his whole  life to  the message  of Christ, teaching the new religion in the synagogues of Damascus.  The Jews wanted to kill him, and the Christians managed to take him away, by hiding him in a basket.

They lowered the basked from the walls of Damascus,  and Paul was able to continue his preaching passing through Cyprus, Crete, Malta He ended up in Rome and succeeded in spreading the word of Christ ………

Kokab Church

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